Global Fair Trade

Global Fair Trade

Creating transparency in the world trade with a global fair trade system.

The proposal for a new global fair trade system aims to achieve two only seemingly contradictory goals:

The raising of the ecological and social standards (e.g. observance of minimum wages) in the developing countries and the protection of the economy of the industrialized countries from social and eco-dumping. This can be achieved through a certification system with permanent controls. The EU can introduce this system on the grounds that only in this way will the WTO principle of competitive neutrality be guaranteed. Such a global fair trade system would sharply improve the social conditions in the poor countries and at the same time it would protect the European eco-social market economy by ensuring worldwide application of its basic principles.

The Initiator
Georgios Zervas
over 25 years of experience in the world trade.


Recommended reading
Dipl. Ing. Georgios Zervas:

(published by Patmos Verlag)

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